Friday, June 24, 2011

So Typical...

Yet So Unique!

So as stated in my previous post, my daddy has returned from his 3 week trip to Guatemala! Yes, while a couple of weeks with just "the girls", i.e. my mom, my sister and myself, was nice, by the third week we were very ready to have him home. :)

As is common with any trip we take, my dad brought back lots of souvenirs! My family in Guatemala is so giving and sweet! I have decided to do a haul post in a few days on everything my family sent me, but, for now, I am just posting an outfit of the day featuring a few of the wonderful items I received along with two clothing pieces I picked up! ^_^

It's all in the details! I love this necklace my aunt sent me and the earrings are simply adorable! :)
My dad bought my sister and I each a belt bracelet and a few charms and my grandmother sent a bracelet with my name on it. ^_^

I love that the top has a hood!

Top, Shorts and Sunglasses: Body Central
Shoes: Rue 21
Bag: Mercado Central in Guatemala City
Other Accessories: Guatemala

One More Quick Note...
Since my dad was gone on Father's Day, we waited to celebrate until this evening. So what did we do? Went for burgers! Now, now, now... These aren't just any burgers... these are Squeezeburgers! Yes, we drove quite a ways just for these amazing burgers, but that's what my dad wanted- so that's what he got! :)

I enjoyed every calorie. :)


  1. First why are you so cute, Second I adore that ppl necklace and third yummy food :)

  2. Haha!!! Thank you! ^_^ and yes, the food was quite yummy!!! :D

  3. I love this outfit. ^_^
    I'm following you on Bloglovin' now!

    -Steph from Chocolate Laced