Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outifit of the Day: Casual... in Heels!

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So what have I done this summer? LAUNDRY. haha I have yet to do much. My mom works just about everyday and my sister tutors at school Mon-Fri. Even my Father is having a better time than me- he's in Guatemala! *envious* So what has my summer been filded with? Blog reading! :D

Necklace- $3.99 from Charming Charlie
Shoes- from Chadwicks
Top- $7.99 from Kohl's
"So" Shorts- from Kohl's
Ring- $2.99- from Forever21


  1. Thanks for coming by Elasticpantcity! I love your ring and I'm excited to see your blog grow as I follow it!

  2. your necklace are trully charming!

    and the rings too.

  3. Its really cute your blog! I hopoe u check out mine! bezoz!