Monday, June 27, 2011

Pretty In Pink....

Or That's What I was Aiming For... :P

So I have not felt well the last couple of days (I have migraines...) so I have not been taking many pictures. Or dressing up for that matter... at least not in anything worth blogging about. So here I am posting some older pictures. Not really OLD maybe about two weeks. Anyway, tomorrow I am determined to have a good day!- health-wise and outlook-wise! :)

I'm also going to be taking a quick trip back to my goth days- yes, in high school I went through a goth phase- and having an elegant gothic lolita inspired photo shoot with my sister and possibly her friend!

Oh! And one more thing! I am still going to do the haul of all the Guatemalan swag my daddy brought me back! Being sick really does put one behind schedule...

Dress: Love Culture
Shoes: Cato
Pearl Bracelets: Forever 21