Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Just a Crush...

First Impressions of ABC Family's New Clothing Line: Crush

Hello, Fashionistas! Yes, I am blogging again! Though I make no promises since the end of the semester is quickly coming up. So lets just enjoy this quick post! 

For those of you who do not know, ABC Family, a channel under the Disney umbrella, launched their new female clothing line, Crush earlier this month. The line is sold exclusively at Wet Seal and allows young females (and older, who am I to judge!) to dress in the styles of their fave ABC Family stars.  

Initially I thought this was an interesting idea. Until I heard that one of the characters represented in the line was Bay from Switched At Birth! I pretty much love Bay's style and was officially pumped for the line to be released. 

This past Saturday my dad and mom came to spend the day with me (while my sister was off gallivanting around Texas with friends). We spent the day shopping and in the evening decided to visit the mall. (It had been too long truly!) 

Well in we go. I headed straight for Wet Seal!... Until my mother told me to come with her to New York and Company to look for jeans. I ended up getting a  pair that fit incredibly! Plus 1 for buying big girl pants! (Not from Aeropostale.) 

FINALLY, I made it to Wet Seal. I entered, looked around and spotted....! One little display... Since I hadn't looked at any of the line online, I was a wee bit disappointed. While I did like the dress that was listed at Bay, I knew immediately that would not look good on me. Now, I'm not saying the line is bad in the least. I will hold out judgement until there is more of a variety. 

The quality of the clothes was good, and I did like Bay's look, but it didn't scream Bay to me. I checked out the other three characters' outfits and was overall  unimpressed. 

I'm really hoping ABC Family comes out with more options soon so I can give a proper review. Below are pictures of the products and display. Sorry for the blah photos!

Definitely a cute dress. Just not outstanding. If you've purchased or seen this line comment below! I'm curious to see what everyone else thought! :)

Thanks! and God Bless!
- Little Miss Latina

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy November, everyone! 

Does anyone else think that the closer it gets to the end of the year the FASTER it's going by? I can't believe half the semester is over! And only 52-ish days till Christmas??? When did that happen?!

Oh well.. Time to enjoy the chilly fall weather! Weather in the good ol' Midwest has been one of two ways- absolutely awful or absolutely wonderful. Today was a wonderful day, with cool weather, bright blue skies, and tries looking their most colorful. And might I just say I deserved today! It had rained for 3 days! Nothing but gloomy skies and rain... 

While this outfit is from a week or so ago, I thought I'd still post it since I've been doing an awful job keeping this place alive! lol

Sweater from Forever 21
Skirt from Express
Tights... Can't remember! 
Shoes... also can't remember!
Necklace from Body Central

God Bless!
-Little Miss Latina

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Fashions...

Oh Fall.... crisp weather, warm cider, brilliant colors, pumpkin spice, and, best of all, cute and comfy fashion! 

Happy Fall, everyone! I have been waiting for this season! While I love summer as much as the next girl, Missouri weather is dreadfully humid. Fall, however, is just lovely! For the last couple days I have been "enjoying" wonderful 70's weather. I use the term "enjoying" loosely, since my allergies have been kicking me in the face. I have gotten out and about, however, at great cost... 

But on to today's post topic- Fall fashion! One major reason I love fall is for the clothes I get to wear. Sure short shorts and tanks are nice, but, lets be honest, there is something so wonderful about being able to lounge around in a loose sweater and leggings and still be considered fashionable. Thus, I have put together a few of my ideal fashion outfits. And no, they are not all over-sized sweaters and leggings. ;)

Anything over-sized makes me happy. I love this tribal print! And the pop of red! 

One of my favorite items to pair together during fall are shorts and tights. Its a cute way to wear summer pieces for fall! 

Can I just squee for a moment? I LOVE everything about this sweater! The color, material, EVERTHING.

My go-to outfits during the Fall. Big sweater and tight jeans (or leggings)! I also think the owl necklace is tre adorable! 

Nothing quite says Fall to me like plaid. The beanie just tops off the outfit! 

So now that it is officially Fall, I just have to wait for the weather to get the picture. My 70 degree streak will be over tomorrow till the weekend as the weather jumps back up to 85. Gotta love the Midwest! 

God bless,
Little Miss Latina

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ready to Fall...

Into Fall!!!

SO..... it has been forever and a day since I've blogged. *tears* So to update you a bit. Here is the following rundown of my summer. 

  • Spent two glorious weeks in Guatemala with my family and Boyfriend! It was absolutely wonderful and exactly what I needed! Note: I will be doing a vacation post with lots o' pictures! :D
  • I've been working at Ulta nonstop! Get me to 100 followers and I'll do a giveaway! 
  • I'm in my second full semester of grad school!
  • Boyfriend and I got a kitten! Her name is Kenshi, and I will be writing a blog about her soon as well! 
  • I'm in a new apartment. Woo-hoo! 
I guess my life hasn't been all that eventful... Regardless! I've been loving it!

Now on to the Outfit of the Day! 

I am so ready for fall! But unfortunately the Midwest refuses to give up summer. 

So while it is still hot, I'm adding a little touch of fall with a flannel shirt. Cause nothing says fall like flannel! 

My combat boots are definitely going to be my go-to shoes for fall! 

Flannel shirt: Aeropostale
Shorts: Thrifted!
Tee Shirt: Gifted!
Boots: Charlotte Russe 

And lastly, the kitten! My boyfriend named her Kenshi and she is rascally. 

God Bless!
- Little Miss Latina

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Hopefully to stay this time!

So all excuses aside... it has been a while! I'm missed blogging so! It seems every time I would want to post, something else would come up that needed doing. I have so many old Outfit of the Day pictures that I never blogged! So I might decide to do a collaborative post with less pictures per outfit, but several different outfits within the post. Thoughts?

To catch you up, I am officially on summer break!!! *does happy dance* Why am I ultra-excited this particular summer? Well there are a few reasons-
  • I have not had a break from school longer than Christmas in a year and half! (I've taken classes 5 straight semesters. Including summer.)
  • I just got a job at Ulta! (100 follower giveaway, anyone?)
  • My family is going to Guatemala for 2 weeks this month! 
  • Boyfriend is coming along! 
And those are currently the reasons I smile. :) Ahem... Since this is pretty much a "Here I am!!!" post, I'll leave you with some pictures from yesterday. My mother and sister came to visit and we all went to a Hispanic festival!

Looking forward to getting back into the fashion blogging community!! I'm missed you so!!

God Bless,
Little Miss Latina

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, Platonic Lover's Day, or whatever situation you happen to be in! (I don't know your life!)

Anyway, my only valentines this year happen to be my puppy dog, parakeet, and Gandolf plush (and really what more do you need?). Regardless of my relationship status, I dressed up! I don't know about other women out there, but I don't dress up for men- I dress up for  me! If guys happen to appreciate it, well now, that's just a plus! ;) 

So while I did not want to go all out,  red, hearts, and all that, I decided soft pink would suffice. This sequence top has a floral design and reminded me of spring!! And since Missouri is crazy and one never knows what the weather is going to be like, I added a light wash jean jacket on top!

This ring has a flip side which says "He Loves Me", however I thought this side was more appropriate. :P

I love the softness of this outfit too! I added gold details rather than my usual silver. :)

This is my first time wearing these nude heals from Maurices. I love them, but ouch! haha 

Both my top and necklace are from Charlotte Russe. The necklace was a gift from my sister for my birthday! 

Hope you are having a great day! No matter what you're doing! Much love!!!

-Little Miss Latina

EDIT: So before I published this I went to go visit my best friend. He surprised me with these! He's such a sweetheart! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I have been mildly obsessed with this song for the last couple of days! I dance around in the car without shame! :)

Anyway, today I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and wear a skirt! And of course, today would be mildly windy. Isn't that just always the way? 

 So while it was nice outside, the wind did make it a bit chilly. Hence the jacket. I love this jacket! It's fitted and also has a hood! The nice part is that the hood is detachable. It looks like I layered a jacket underneath but without the added thickness and restraint of a jacket.


In rejoicing of the pleasant weather, I decided to use this mint floral skirt from Charlotte Russe. At first I was planning on wearing a simply tee over the skirt but while digging through my tops I found this loose top from Target! This top was definitely one of my favorites last summer, and I have a feeling it's going to be a signature piece for me again this year! I added a pop of color with yellow shoes! Half because I liked how they elongated my legs, half because I literally have no other spring-like shoes in my apartment closet! 


Yay for pastels! I'm wearing Fiji by Essie. I also seriously am loving the details of this skirt too! I feel like a rose bush! Wait? What??? :P Hope you are all having a glorious week!

God Bless!
-Little Miss Latina

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Neon and Men's Cologne...

Fun title, neh?

Well in good ol' Missouri weather, today we have beautiful skies and springtime weather. How long will it last I wonder? But rather than wonder, I'm simply going to enjoy the time I have left with this gorgeous temperature!

So what do I wear when I am feeling happy? Brights! Naturally! Neons to be exact. My outfit today, the t-shirt and the button up, were picked out for me by two, get this, MALE friends! I must say, I am quite enamored with this outfit though. :) They have pretty good taste. 

Today has definitely been lovely. On top of wonderful weather, I am officially going to Oregon over spring break, I had a workout that will leave me sore tomorrow, and I got to watch My Little Pony with one of my best friends! Which, by the by, is were the "Men's Cologne" part of my title comes from. I swear I love men's cologne. If I could, I would buy and wear it myself! However, since that is not socially acceptable, I am left to enjoy it when hanging out with my guy friends. A cross I gladly bear. ;) 



Neon button up and t-shirt are from Aeropostale, my leggings are from Body Central, shorts from Gordman's, mustache necklace from Forever 21, cap from Target, ring from Claire's, and watch from New York and Company

- Lil Miss Latina