About Me

My name is Arantxa. Also known as Ron, Ronnie, or A-Rod, for those who prefer. :)

My story is simple- country-raised, city-destined. I love all things fashion, foreign, and fabulous! I'm currently a senior in college majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. With this degree I hope to go into Fashion PR. 

I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic. I admit it, and I embrace it! :) My style is what I've come to call "eclecticism"! I'm a little all over the place- girly, retro, tomboy, punk, etc... You can usually tell what kind of mood I'm in by the outfit I'm sporting. 

This blog is pretty much my adventures in the wonderful world we call Fashion! Feel free to look around, comment and follow! 

God Bless!
-Arantxa "LilLatinaFashionista"

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