Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Studio Ghibli Themed Party!

     Parties for my sister and I are kind of a big deal. Streamers and balloons just don't cut it. So for my sister's 21st (yes, her 21st) she decided she wanted a Studio Ghibli themed party since we've been watching the movies lately. 

     Check out what we did for some fun ideas for your own Miyazaki party! 

Miyazaki friends of course made an appearance! I love adding character from films as party decor! I think it sets the atmosphere for the guests!

No Face just seems to pop up at the strangest times. Don't forget to flush! 

This cutie Calcifer was made by my sister! He just chillin' in the corner!

River spirit Kohaku even popped by to say, "Hello!"

Jiji, of course, couldn't be forgotten! 

I tried to add little touches of our favorite movies around the apartment! This end table was inspired by Howl's colorful and eclectic bedroom decor! I added super colorful quilts thrown across my couch as well! 

You can't have a Ghibli party without the cutest little characters- the soot sprites! 

 We made the soot sprites out of pom poms and googly eyes! 

We even added pipe cleaner arms and star beads to some of them!

My sister is so talented! She drew on this chalk board we bought to decorate the food table! 

We made edible soot sprites too! And, of course, couldn't forget their favorite snack! 

The soot sprites were chocolate covered Oreo balls that we added chocolate sprinkles and candy eyes to! 

Every birthday party needs a birthday cake! This one just said "Kiki" instead of "Sasha"!

Since the food area was the My Neighbor Totoro area, we added lots of green accents inspired by the forest in which Totoro lives! Soot sprites managed to find their way on the table too! And did anyone notice Ponyo's green bucket in the background?! 

Happy 21st birthday, Sisi!!! I love you so much! I'm so proud to be your sister and be able to watch you grow into an amazing woman! 

- Sissy, Little Latina Fashionista