Sunday, June 12, 2011

DIY Flower Clip!

So I was walking through Wally World a couple weeks ago and came across these adorable flower clips! (I looked for a picture but couldn't find one... :S) I really liked them, but hated to pay $5 for something I could make myself. (I'm cheap like that!) So the crafty side of me took over and I rushed to the craft isle, picked up a packet of clips, felt, and then bought some flowers at the Dollar Tree and ta-da! Adorable flower clips a la Arantxa! :)

So below are are instructions on how to make these clips!

First you will need...

Felt, Scissors, Hair Clip, Fake Flowers, A Hot Glue Gun, and Hot Glue Sticks

Pull off the green part of the flower and snip off the part of the center that pokes through.

Then using TWO hands (I could only use one as I was holding the camera with the other!) put some glue on the bottom of the flower, including the little bit of the end you didn't cut off and place a small square of felt over it.

Then take a small rectangle of felt and place it in the middle of the clip.

Place some glue on the clip and some of the felt and place it on the felt that is connected to the flower.

And voilĂ ! A cute, affordable flower clip! Perfect to brighten up any outfit! :)

If you had trouble with the instructions here, go to my Youtube Channel to see a video on how to make it! :)

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