Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Hopefully to stay this time!

So all excuses aside... it has been a while! I'm missed blogging so! It seems every time I would want to post, something else would come up that needed doing. I have so many old Outfit of the Day pictures that I never blogged! So I might decide to do a collaborative post with less pictures per outfit, but several different outfits within the post. Thoughts?

To catch you up, I am officially on summer break!!! *does happy dance* Why am I ultra-excited this particular summer? Well there are a few reasons-
  • I have not had a break from school longer than Christmas in a year and half! (I've taken classes 5 straight semesters. Including summer.)
  • I just got a job at Ulta! (100 follower giveaway, anyone?)
  • My family is going to Guatemala for 2 weeks this month! 
  • Boyfriend is coming along! 
And those are currently the reasons I smile. :) Ahem... Since this is pretty much a "Here I am!!!" post, I'll leave you with some pictures from yesterday. My mother and sister came to visit and we all went to a Hispanic festival!

Looking forward to getting back into the fashion blogging community!! I'm missed you so!!

God Bless,
Little Miss Latina