Monday, May 30, 2011

Home of the Free...

Because of the Brave! :)

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing day to reflect on how lucky we are to be living in this amazing country.

Today was beautiful! I was so glad because lately the weather has been... less then desirable... But luckily, we were blessed with gorgeous weather! My family went over to my Great Aunt and Uncle's house and had a cookout! We ate steak, chicken, and were merry! :) haha Anyway! Just a quick outfit of the day- Memorial Day style! (Not that that is much different than my everyday style!)

Hello, boys.... (my cousins!)

Top: Deb
Shorts: Kohls
Shoes: Chadwicks
Bracelet: Walmart
Ring: not sure... :/

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there! I'm Arantxa Rodriguez! I'm 20 years old! I love fashion, makeup, music, anime/manga, Big Time Rush, and my family! I'm starting this blog for fun! :) I'm really into beauty blogs and vlogs and thought it looked like fun- so here I am! This actually isn't my first blog vlog... I started one in January... 2010! haha that lasted all of oh... 4 posts? So here I am again! Wish me luck!:3

So for my first blog, I'm going to do an Outfit of The Day blog post! :D Enjoy!!!

Earrings- Love Culture
Crop Top, Cami, Ring- Forever 21
Shorts- Kohls "So"