Monday, June 20, 2011

I Love.........

Sales!!!! :)

Don't you? Well, last Thursday my mom and I had to go to a funeral. :( My great great uncle died. I didn't know him very well- I'd only been to his house once. He was 80-something, and lived a full life.

Well, before and after the funeral, my mom and I decided to go shopping. Don't think ill of me! D: We had to drive an hour and a half away for the funeral, and with the prices of gas, we figured we should make the best of the trip. Makes sense no? Ahem... As, I was saying, we went shopping! And I am glad we did! There were so many sales! And, if you know me, and most, if not all, probably don't (at least not yet! ;D) I love sales! When entering a store, I ALWAYS head straight for the sales rack before browsing the rest of the store!

And so.... On with the haul!!! ^_^

An overview of the haul! Yes, that's my bed

Aeropostale: 2 pairs of Jeans- $6.99, 2 pairs of shorts- $7.99, top- $5.99
All On Sale!

Victoria's Secret: Bras- $19.99 and $12.99, lipstick- $1.79, perfume- $10.00, body mist- $7.00
I love their semi-annual sale!!!

The lipstick is more of a peachy color! It's showing up more pink here... :/

New York & Company: Belts- $7.99 each

Target: Remmington Curling Wand- $25.99, Elf Makeup Removing Cloths- $3.00, Elf Concealer and Eyelid Primer- $1.00 each
I've used the curling wand almost everyday! I just love it!

Forever 21: Natural Eyeshadow Palette- $6.80, Studs- $2.80, I heart U ring- $4.80, Turquiose eyerings- $2.80

Walmart: Gummie Bugs- $1.00 each
Bought some gummies for the kids at church!


  1. Hum.. makes me think it is going to be sales time here in Milan soon as well.. Better prepare an article or two on the latest outlets shops etc. Good shopping. Kiss hon!

  2. I love those flower belts never ever seen something like that. ;)