Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Haul: Guatemala Swag!

Just a quick haul post!

I've been saying I'm going to do one for the wonderful things my family sent me from Guatemala, so here it is! I'm so blessed to have such a giving family! I miss them all so much!

Now... On to the haul!!!

I LOVE these earrings! So beautiful! I've already worn them! (I'll be doing an OoTD with these darlings! ;P) I also had to include the package they came in because, well, its just so pretty!

My aunt MADE all this! She designs and sells jewelry, and lucky me to be one of her favorite nieces- I always get some! :D She is so talented!

Here are some more "tipico" or ethnic jewelry.

I LOVE the necklace! 100% handmade- from beading the necklace to the little clay figurines! Wore them in an OoTD post! :)

Again- handmade! Its awesome how they can write so small, isn't it? My dad also bought me a cell phone charm on which a guy wrote my name... On a grain of rice! But I forgot to take a picture of it... :(

Some more fancy earrings! I love them all! So unique!

A belt bracelet! My dad got my sister and I each one with different charms!

Here you can see some of the detail in the bag my grandmother sent me. Again- completely handmade! I love that these kinds of bags are in right now! So big- I can put absolutely EVERYTHING I need in it- and then some!

My grandpa sent me this. :) He is such a softy on the inside! ^_^ I love how light the blanket is! It is perfect for summer! It's ridiculously humid here in the Midwest!

Well, if you made it all the way to the bottom of the blog post- congrats!!! There is a delicious cookie headed your way in the near future! (okay, so I don't know if there is, but wouldn't that be awesome! :D)


  1. So nice!

  2. I'm soo jealous of all the cool things you received from your family! I love te heart earrings, they're my favorite. Makes me wish I had family from another country

    Ashley XOXO