Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Just a Crush...

First Impressions of ABC Family's New Clothing Line: Crush

Hello, Fashionistas! Yes, I am blogging again! Though I make no promises since the end of the semester is quickly coming up. So lets just enjoy this quick post! 

For those of you who do not know, ABC Family, a channel under the Disney umbrella, launched their new female clothing line, Crush earlier this month. The line is sold exclusively at Wet Seal and allows young females (and older, who am I to judge!) to dress in the styles of their fave ABC Family stars.  

Initially I thought this was an interesting idea. Until I heard that one of the characters represented in the line was Bay from Switched At Birth! I pretty much love Bay's style and was officially pumped for the line to be released. 

This past Saturday my dad and mom came to spend the day with me (while my sister was off gallivanting around Texas with friends). We spent the day shopping and in the evening decided to visit the mall. (It had been too long truly!) 

Well in we go. I headed straight for Wet Seal!... Until my mother told me to come with her to New York and Company to look for jeans. I ended up getting a  pair that fit incredibly! Plus 1 for buying big girl pants! (Not from Aeropostale.) 

FINALLY, I made it to Wet Seal. I entered, looked around and spotted....! One little display... Since I hadn't looked at any of the line online, I was a wee bit disappointed. While I did like the dress that was listed at Bay, I knew immediately that would not look good on me. Now, I'm not saying the line is bad in the least. I will hold out judgement until there is more of a variety. 

The quality of the clothes was good, and I did like Bay's look, but it didn't scream Bay to me. I checked out the other three characters' outfits and was overall  unimpressed. 

I'm really hoping ABC Family comes out with more options soon so I can give a proper review. Below are pictures of the products and display. Sorry for the blah photos!

Definitely a cute dress. Just not outstanding. If you've purchased or seen this line comment below! I'm curious to see what everyone else thought! :)

Thanks! and God Bless!
- Little Miss Latina


  1. I'm pretty sure I can see a Spector in the light reflected on the first photo.
    What other characters did they have?

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