Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Neon and Men's Cologne...

Fun title, neh?

Well in good ol' Missouri weather, today we have beautiful skies and springtime weather. How long will it last I wonder? But rather than wonder, I'm simply going to enjoy the time I have left with this gorgeous temperature!

So what do I wear when I am feeling happy? Brights! Naturally! Neons to be exact. My outfit today, the t-shirt and the button up, were picked out for me by two, get this, MALE friends! I must say, I am quite enamored with this outfit though. :) They have pretty good taste. 

Today has definitely been lovely. On top of wonderful weather, I am officially going to Oregon over spring break, I had a workout that will leave me sore tomorrow, and I got to watch My Little Pony with one of my best friends! Which, by the by, is were the "Men's Cologne" part of my title comes from. I swear I love men's cologne. If I could, I would buy and wear it myself! However, since that is not socially acceptable, I am left to enjoy it when hanging out with my guy friends. A cross I gladly bear. ;) 



Neon button up and t-shirt are from Aeropostale, my leggings are from Body Central, shorts from Gordman's, mustache necklace from Forever 21, cap from Target, ring from Claire's, and watch from New York and Company

- Lil Miss Latina

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  1. Cute outfitt!