Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, Platonic Lover's Day, or whatever situation you happen to be in! (I don't know your life!)

Anyway, my only valentines this year happen to be my puppy dog, parakeet, and Gandolf plush (and really what more do you need?). Regardless of my relationship status, I dressed up! I don't know about other women out there, but I don't dress up for men- I dress up for  me! If guys happen to appreciate it, well now, that's just a plus! ;) 

So while I did not want to go all out,  red, hearts, and all that, I decided soft pink would suffice. This sequence top has a floral design and reminded me of spring!! And since Missouri is crazy and one never knows what the weather is going to be like, I added a light wash jean jacket on top!

This ring has a flip side which says "He Loves Me", however I thought this side was more appropriate. :P

I love the softness of this outfit too! I added gold details rather than my usual silver. :)

This is my first time wearing these nude heals from Maurices. I love them, but ouch! haha 

Both my top and necklace are from Charlotte Russe. The necklace was a gift from my sister for my birthday! 

Hope you are having a great day! No matter what you're doing! Much love!!!

-Little Miss Latina

EDIT: So before I published this I went to go visit my best friend. He surprised me with these! He's such a sweetheart! 

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  1. Loving the look hun!
    I have been wanting to try double denim for the longest time and that ring is adorable!