Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Bought a Zoo...

Okay, no we didn't. But we visited one! :)

For anyone who read my previous blog, you'll know that recently my younger sister graduated from high school. Well, as her birthday/graduation gift, I decided to take my sister to my with me to the city for a few days. That's right, three days of sisterly bonding time! :) (Or as my sister likes to call her Sherlock/Mycroft bonding time. She being Sherlock and myself being Mycroft.)

We had many adventures while we were there. We watched Dark Shadows, which had us laughing 98% of the time!, explored downtown, lounged by the pool, and shopped till we literally dropped. But before we accomplished all these escapades, my sister had one main goal- SEE SOME OTTERS.

In case you haven't seen my John Watson inspired post, my sister and I are currently infatuated with the BBC series, Sherlock. And, if you get far enough into the fandom, you will see that Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who plays Sherlock, loves Otters. So there you have it. She then insisted we see otters.

And we did. :) 

We found our parrot! haha Just kidding... But we finally discovered why type he is!

Lazy cheetah was sound asleep!

All the animals were so sleepy!

Such a cute statue!

The very greedy giraffe!

Went with some bright colors! Summer time, lovely!
Shorts: Zco Jeans
Cami and Bag: Forever21
Earrings: Bought in Guatemala :) 
Pony: McDonald's (bought for me by boyfriend!)

The otters! My sister dubbed one Sherlock and the other John!

I must admit, they are very cute creatures... :)

They were so curious to see what was in the bag!


  1. fun post! that fox is soo cute. and a giraffe has licked me before too :)

    1. Thanks! :) The fox was super cute! haha