Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Perfect Day...

For a graduation!!! :)

I get so behind on reading posts, its rather upsetting... :/  I was doing so well too! THEN... finals + my little sister's HS graduation + her birthday + end of May general craziness. Haha  But now I'm posting! And reading!

And I have so much to post! And read! O.o  haha I love it! :D

Anyway, As the title may lead you to believe, no I did not graduate. My baby sister did. I use the term "baby" or "little" sister very lightly being as how she is taller than me. This past Sunday, May 20, 2012, my baby sister ended her high school career. Not only that, she turned 18!!! How rude! Just completely leaving her "kid sister" status behind! I didn't think my heart could take it... haha Just kidding! I couldn't be more proud! :)

The day was supposed to have scattered thunderstorms, however, it was gorgeous! Slightly humid, as the Midwest so often is, but other than that, perfect. :) 

And since, this OoTD post is mainly about my sister, I'll do a sister edition! <3

My not-so-baby sister and I! :')

Dress: JC Penny
Mini Sweater: JC Penny 

My sister's birthday cake! Tres leches! It was soooo good! (Yes we had 2 cakes!)

Dress: Gordman's 
Shoes: Payless Shoes (though I've had them forever!)

Nails: Mellow Yellow and Strobe Light (the sparkles) by Sally Hansen and Boom Boom by Sinful Colors
Watch: Frances Advincula aka my bestie :) haha (a gift from the Philippines!)
Ring: My purity right :)

Sisters. Best friends <3
Congratulations to all the 2012 graduates out there! Great job!!! :)


  1. congratultions and great style

  2. wow! congrats!



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  4. I love your dress and your nails! and congrats to your sister! BTW Your blog is cute. I really like it!

  5. So cute! Found u in the new friends group on IFB! New follower!

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