Monday, May 14, 2012

Keep Calm...

It's Almost Summer!!! :)

It's true! For myself, it is finals week. *sigh* And after finals, I am taking two summer classes. :/ But I can't complain. One is an intersession course which is only 3 weeks long and the second is a mixed class of in-class sessions and over the internet work. So I won't be stuck in a classroom ALL summer...! haha

So on to the subject of this post- SUMMER TIME!!!

Yes, as summer approaches I start wanting to eat healthier, wear brighter colors, and exercise more. So here are a few pictures I've collective from recently!

What's your favorite part of summer?

Okay, so not the healthiest thing... But the bright colors and tropical taste makes me happy! :)

I LOVE this top! Its loose and sheer. Can be worn down or tied in the front to create a high-low illusion!

This is a bright fuchsia color! Its so happy! Boom Boom by Sinful Colors polka dotted with Fiji by Essie. 

Went to a small all-natural  cafe for lunch with a friend. It was SO cute! The soup is chilled pineapple and strawberry soup! Ate the salad with peanut butter salad dressing! It was interesting to say the least!

My lunch today! Salad with shredded chicken and  cheese! Om nom nom! <3 I've also been kind of in love with apple juice... :)

Oh! Did anyone notice the new layout? I think I've been watching a bit too much Sherlock... :P Also, on instagram??? Let's be friends! Follow me- littlemisslatina :)

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