Tuesday, May 1, 2012

By the Sea, By the Sea...

By the beautiful Sea! Oh how happy we'll be! :)

So on a recent excursion to the mall- I swear I do NOT go everyday!- I passed by JC Penny and couldn't help but be struck by the bombardment of a certain color... AQUA!!!

I was very excited because I LOVE this color! I then browsed Maurice's only to find that aqua was lining their walls and displays, as well! I love all the bright colors for summer, but aqua is just so happy! It reminds me of the seaside! <3 You know, with as much as I love the color, I really don't have much aqua colored items... I should fix that soon? ;)

Aqua Fresh!
What colors are you loving this season? Orange? Neons?


  1. hi! i'm just found your blog..nice! new follower


  2. Great post. I love aqua and mint. Currently obsessing over peach, coral and nude <3


    Nia. x