Monday, May 28, 2012

Floral Pastels...

with a pop!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Finally finding time to post again! Summer is supposed to be relaxing, however, I've been so busy as of late! For one, I refused to post again until I finished my gift for boyfriend's birthday. In case anyone is curious, my sister and I collab-ed on an art piece for his birthday, which is Thursday, and I must take it to the printer by tomorrow. Thus, no posting until it was finished. 

And it is finished! :)

Anyways, Sunday, and these passed few days, have been delightful! Humid a bit... But delightful nonetheless! So Sunday I deemed lovely enough for a dress! Since I've been living between my parents home and my apartment, I do not have all my clothes and shoes in one location so I had the dress I wanted to wear then suddenly realized I did not have the shoes! So I simply paired the dress with a bright yellow pair of peep-toed heels for a pop of color! 

My puppy dog photo-bombed the picture!! :)

Love the double bow detail! <3

Open back is super cute, no? :)

Dress: Given to me by my bestie!
Shoes: I wanna say they are from Cato
Necklace: Gotten in Guatemala

Remember to give thanks for those who gave so much! :)

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