Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green with Glee...

No envy here! :)

This post will have three parts- a "where the heck have I been" part, a "hair update" part, and an "outfit of the day" part. Let us begin...

To start off, I have been basically living out of my suitcase for the past two weeks. As some of you read in my previous post, Boyfriend took me to see Big Time Rush! Well, after that, I went back to my apartment for three days to attend class, then Wednesday after class, I went back to Boyfriend's to set out for Tennessee the following morning. 

Since I plan to write a post solely on the trip, I will just quickly say that I had a wonderful time with Boyfriend, his family, and some of their amazing friends! :)

Now for part two. My hair. In yet, another post  I said that I was going to start a hair treatment that was supposed to grow out my hair fast. Well, I tried it, and I am quite pleased with the results. While I did not measure my hair before I started, I think it is safe to say it grew about two inches. Of course, I skipped two days of the treatment, and so my results may have not been as good as they could have. 

And finally, a quick outfit I just saw last night, that I forgot to post! I wore this outfit several weeks ago for church. :) I must say, I love the dress! Even if my sister says it makes me look like a mom! 


Dress and Belt from H&M, Ring from Claire's, and Nail Polish "Need a Refresh-Mint" from Wet 'n Wild

This evening I'll be going to the annual founder's day picnic in my hometown! Don't let the [!] fool you, I'm not really super excited, HOWEVER, they serve the best corndogs on earth! And for that, I am pumped! Look forward to some lifestyle photos and my OoTD! :)

- Lil Miss Latina


  1. You look lovely (as always hunni). That ring is so gorgeous I could die. Totally checking Clair's out now.

    Nia. x

    1. Thank you!! Yes, definitely check them out! Got that ring for $1!!

  2. I just love your dress, the pattern is gorgeous! I love the colour of your nail polish too and how it matches your ring!
    Georgia x