Friday, July 6, 2012

Unplugged Weekend...

I have a quick 15 minutes before I need to leave for work, and after I am heading out to St. Louis to see boyfriend and go to a Big Time Rush concert tomorrow! :) 

And since I get NO RECEPTION OF ANY KIND at his place, I thought I'd post a quickie blog! ;) 

First off, an update of my hair experiment. I'm very pleased to say that my bangs have grown out noticeably since my last post. In case you haven't read what I'm doing I've been putting hot olive oil on my hair. Here's why.

Second, I will be be posting a Big Time Rush special post with the most creative outfits I see at the concert! Kind of a street fashion post- but BTR version!

My fourth of July outfit! :) Top from Forever21- on sale for buy one get one FREE! Got this free. :) Shoes from Cato, I believe. 

My outfit today! Bow headband from Gordmans! :) 

One last note, as I am need to leave in FOUR minutes, my blog was featured!! :) by the lovely Cherry Fashions! Please check it out! ^_^

- Lil Miss Latina