Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wonderful Weekends...

Always end too soon..

Well this weekend I had little to NO internet access. But it was alright! It was nice to "unplug" for a few days!

So this is what happened, Boyfriend turned 21 on Thursday! :) So I drove four hours away (what I don't do for that kid!) to stay with him and his family for a few days. I would like to take this moment to note that, (1) I have never driven that far on my own before and (2) I am notorious for getting lost! However, I did not get lost once! And I made the drive just fine!

Anyway, where I was staying seems to hate my mobile carrier, so for four days I was basically without my cell phone. Which was quite alright, the main person I text was right beside me 98% of the time! haha

And now a brief recap of my weekend. For my own benefit, as well as, your enjoyment!

  • Thursday- Boyfriend's birthday! I may have gone slightly overboard with his gift.. or gifts. Couldn't help it! haha I also met several of his friends! 
  • Friday- We hung around the house a majority of the day. It was so beautiful out, it was nice to just relax, enjoy the weather and each other. <3
  • Saturday- A quick trip to Barnes and Noble and in the evening we went over to one of his friends' house for a summer neighborhood get together! 
  • Sunday- Spent the morning lounging and then left around noon.
So there you have it! My wonderful weekend! Spent with my amazing boyfriend and his equally amazing family! I really don't know how I got so lucky... :)

One of the dogs! He's such a cutie! His name is Karl! 

Mr. Explorer. :)

Beautiful covered bridge he showed me...

Isn't the scenery amazing? <3 

So how was your weekend???

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