Friday, June 15, 2012

Old Friends, Good Food...

Great Time! 

Alright, well this evening my old roommate, Jessica, and her fiance came and spent the evening with me! (They're actually still here! Jessica is straightening her hair and Jared is watching Storage Wars.) The reason I am so excited is because I have not seen Jessica since December! She is one of my best friends- really more like a sister! 

Well, after watching children all morning, doing a bit of shopping, and cleaning like a mad woman, Jessica texted me to let me know they were getting close. I then readied myself and headed out to meet them at HuHut. We had a lovely dinner then popped on over to Bass Pro! (That was their idea. Though I did see some cute swimming suits!) Finally we returned to my apartment where we are currently just chillaxing. :) 

An overall good day.

My first time eating at HuHut!

That's my food!! :D

My Asian salad was amazing!

So yummy!! I'm getting hungry again just looking at it...

My favorite part of Bass Pro... just kidding! :P

Stopped in at Victoria's Secret and picked up this little baby, for 50% off! 

Also 50% off from Bath and Body Works! Can't wait to use it during Christmas! 

Wanna see what I picked up earlier in the day? Check out my Gordmans haul!! :)

Hope you all had a lovely day!

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