Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lazy Day...

Ah Saturdays... sleeping in, lounging, cleaning, errands, working, shopping, road tripping, adventures! The possibilities for Saturdays are endless.

Well, if you belong to my family, Saturdays usually mean one of two things, staying home and cleaning the house, top to bottom OR going off an adventure (usually shopping) with my family. But as of late, I have been working Saturdays- the only day a week I work.

 Since I brought one of my best friends home this weekend, Saturday consisted of sleeping in then cleaning here and there. If I were the type of person to wear sweatpants passed noon I would have worn them all day. But since I am not, I chose to wear what I think of as comfy lounge clothes- leggings and loose shirts!

The floral chambrey top and black leggings are from Body Central. I had to steal a white cami from my younger sister since I forgot mine! 

I definitely do not think today was all too productive. And right after these pictures were taken I pulled my hair back in a pony tail and played Just Dance. haha 

Hope you all had a great Saturday! 

-Lil Miss Latina 

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  1. Cute top! Finally did the one lovely blog award.LOL Thanks for nominating me. :D