Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's the Only Life You've Got, So You Gotta Live It...


Lack of posts much? Sorry! I have been so busy as of late! I've been making earrings, painting makeup brush holders, and drawing like a madwoman! But I have finally caught up with myself, and am now back on track! :)

But this post is not going to focus on ANY of that! It's going to focus on Saturday July 23, 2011- a day I will NEVER forget! On that day I witnessed my first BIG TIME RUSH concert! For those of you fabulous fashion fans out there who don't know who Big Time Rush is, they are the boy band from Nickelodean's hit TV show of the same name! In short, I LOVE THEM! One in particular- Carlos Pena! He's such a cutie!

Anyways! So as some of you may know, we have been having a little bit of a heat wave... Saturday was no exception! It was so hot and humid! We spend $70 on liquids alone! *cough* My family and I decided to go to Worlds of Fun for their Red, White, and Boom event, in which, Big Time Rush was going to play a concert! Well, the concert area opened at 4 and the concert started around 9, supposedly, so there we sat. Under the hot sun. Waiting. And waiting. And waiting somemore. And guess when the concert started? 9:45! People were gettin very testy. For every song that was played before Big Time Rush came on stage the crowed booed.

Now I understand not wanting the boys to get too hot, but what about all those who had been sitting there for nearly 6 hours? I think that was poor planning. Don't open the area up so early if a concert is going to be in the evening. Anyone wanting a good seat is, of course, going to be there as soon as it opens. And it is almost reaching inhumane, when it comes to how they handled the heat. Speaking as a Public Relations major, I would have opted for giving out free water, rather than throwing a couple tee shirts into the crowd, which I'm sure, were too big for most who caught them. But, since I know not much about the whole planning events thing yet, that is all I can say.

Other than that, the concert was amazing! I can't wait to go to another! Hopefully in an air conditioned environment! I now leave you with a few pictures, of the concert! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Beautiful images! Hope you had an awesome time :))