Thursday, July 7, 2011

Floral and Fabulous!

Well the summer keeps passing by. Hotter and hotter each day it seems. If not hotter, more humid! If you live where it does not get so horribly humid... I envy you!!! Here in the Mid-West we are "blessed" with humidity. Even when it rains, there is no relief! In fact, after the rain the humidity only intensifies! I can even get a little sweaty going from my front door to my car! Its kind of ridiculous. haha

So as one might guess, wearing light clothing is a must! While keeping cool is my top priority, looking cute is a close second! How do you keep cool in the summer? Besides staying in the AC! :P

Flower clip made by me! I'm selling a similar one here!

Top: Body Central
Sandals: Cato

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