Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If You're Reading This...

Please make sure I'm following you! :)

I believe I went through and followed everyone I could, but I had some trouble following others... So if you are following me, but I'm not following you, please leave a comment with a link to your blog and I'll gladly follow you! :) I'm loving all the new blogs I'm reading! I've been so out of the fashion blogosphere for so long! :/ So let me break it down as to why I have been totally MIA.

 *School: Thank goodness its almost out! I'm in the last semester of my junior year and I'll be graduating this December, and let me tell ya, I'm starting to feel STRESSED!!! I have two Spanish classes that are taking over my life, a PR class that has so many presentations I'm sick of seeing PowerPoint and Prezi, and a Journalism class that has me learning more than I EVER wanted to know about horse slaughtering! But, summer is quickly on its way! 

 *Other Obligations: By this I mean, my non-school related activities! For example, my Children's Church class is only once a week, but I pretty much have to start planning it several days in advance. And if we do a particularly "difficult" (difficult being the boys definition of time consuming.) craft it can take several hours to prepare. Another exciting happening in my life is the launch of American(a) Neweva! A non-profit company my best friend, Frances Advincula, and I started this past month that helps empower minority women! *insert shameless advertising here* 

 *Lack of Tripod: Yes, I am actually blaming my lack of OOtD posts on my lack of a tripod. Usually my sister takes my narcissistic fashion pictures, however, living on my own makes it much more challenging... But I'm planning on investing in one this summer, so Outfit of the Day posts will be returning!

 Anyway! Now that I have sufficiently bored you... Congrats if you made it to the bottom of this post! :D Here are some quick pictures to show I have not let my fashion slack! Unlike my posts... :)

During our Children's Church Easter Program! The kids did a great job! :)

Body Con skirt and black cami- Forever21

At my sister's Family Night at her culinary school! 

Photo shoot with boyfriend! <3

I'm still loving the jean on jean trend! Can you tell! :)


  1. Beautiful skirt !

    Sundays School seems so easy, until you have to actually lead one *sigh* been there done that ! And congratulations, almost graduated!You'll feel SO relieved :)

    Good luck with everything, GBU!



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    ~ Vikki