Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap For Joy!

Okay, so it's a day late...

So they say that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you will end up doing the rest of the year. I wonder if that works on Leap Day...?

Well, regardless, yesterday everyone kept saying, posting, tweeting- "Don't waste your leap day!" I am happy to report, I did not. :) While I had class... :/ After class I had a splendid time with friends!

Highlights of my Leap Day 2012

Had lunch at home with my friend, Mary. She snagged these cute little Tabascos from a guest speaker!

After class Mary, my other friend Tabitha, and I grabbed Froyo at a local joint! SO GOOD

Afterwards Tabitha and I went over to Mary's apartment and Tabitha made chicken and dumplings! Needless to say, my Leap Day was full of deliciousness! :)

While the dumplings were cooking, we decided to play Life! I had not played in so long! Yes, that is my car. And that is my... husband. :P

After dinner we played the game Hard A$$. By now, yet another friend, Tessa, had joined us. Oh the fun we had! If you have not played that game, I suggest you invest in it! It will lead to many inside jokes and one heck of a good time!

We rounded out the night watching, my personal favorite Miyazaki movie, Howl's Moving Castle. Adding our own commentary the entire way through.

So just in case there is some chance that "whatever you do on Leap Day you will do the next four years", I think I am okay with that. :)

So, did you do anything special on Leap Day?


  1. Hah I PROCRASTINATED like crazy ! Mainly because you know, it was an extra day :p

  2. going through all your blog posts now, love your photos! Such a cute blog, happy I found it!

  3. i didn't do anything special on Leap Day. Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you, hope you have a great day and happy blogging!