Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cause I'm Crafty!

So this summer I have gotten into, what I like to call, a "creative kick". I have been doing so many different projects! From doing this blog to playing my violin, if it requires any kind of creativity, I'm in! Here are a few of the products of my crafty rampage!

I love to draw! This is my most recent piece. Of course, the subjects of my drawings are going to be my favorite boys! :)

I also love photography! This is my "little sister"!

I was hired to take engagement and wedding pictures for my sister's friend, Tabitha!

I decided I wanted a new makeup brush holder and thus this was born! It matches the new theme of my room! Made one for me and my sister!

Appleworks is the name of my little crafting... thing... LOL

So who hasn't been obsessed with feathers this summer? I really wanted feather extensions but didn't want to mess with getting them. Then I saw an earring on the cover of Seventeen magazine, and thus, this was born!

A doorhanger I made for my little cousin Mia! She loved it, BTW. :)

Those are just a few of my projects this summer! Have you been into any particular subject this summer?


  1. I want those feather earrings! I'm jealous you was able to do a lot of stuff. Good for you! <3


  2. I love those feather earrings!!!! Fancy making me a pair? ha
    Aimee xxxx

  3. haha! Thank you!!! I would love to make you an earring! And if you like it, you might mention it in a blog...?? haha :P

  4. Yeah I will mention it in my blog :) Those earrings are really cool!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, thankfully the family meal went fairly well and wasn't too dull!

  5. the feather earrings is soo cute, ya I'm obsessed with feather extensions/earrings or whatever you put in your hair/ear area lately as well!!

  6. i love your blog¡¡¡ is very cool kisses from Mexico :)